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Hockey Tips for Beginners

Hockey is a much loved game across the globe. The roads of hockey wind into terrible tips and unbelievable advice. It is completely different from games like golf or baseball. Hockey tips to head man the puck and keep heads down are more-or-less legitimate. However, what are those tidbits that actually work? If you are searching for hockey tips for beginners, these tips are a great place to start. Here are few tips to change your game and make you a real pro:

#1 Speed

Regardless of whether you found the puck next to the net or beaten a strong defender with some speed, you should always try and push the puck across. This should be the only thing in your mind. Goalies come out very aggressively when they have to block a player, who is cutting in fast. If you are completely focused on getting the puck into the crease, you may end up doing so. Even if the goalie is not very wild, you should cut across as much as possible.

The speed at which you chase the puck plays a very important role in successful goals. You can change speed in many ways. For instance, you can switch from slow to fast or fast to slow. But remember that a notable change will happen in the game zone. Here are few ways to change speed:

  1. Try to introduce lots of gap near the D-men.
  2. Try to stop the D-men.
  3. Let your line maters catch up with your speed. This will give you more options.
  4. Try to move laterally. Once again, this will give you more options.

#2 Angle

Just like speed, you should try and change the angle of your shots. It wouldn’t take lots of time to change the angle of a puck. However, this may end up in a goal. The real trick is to widen the puck from the actual location of the shot. This way, the goalie will not be able to predict your shot. Also, over-estimate the angle of your shot. One timers are considered as deadly moves in hockey. That is because you will have very little time for the shot. If you want to create lots of options for yourself, you should over-estimate the angle.

Finally, you shouldn’t blindly aim pucks into the net. Focus and get the goal like you are ought to eat it!

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