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Fun Hockey Shooting Drills

Most hockey coaches want their players to win trophies and become world famous champions. However, a lot of players wonder of ways to make the game much more fun. Winning championships might seem like fun, yet there is so much more to the game. Wouldn’t it be awesome to win a championship with fun-filled moves? Unlike many other games, hockey has unique rules in different levels. However, players are likely to learn more by enjoying practice and wanting to join the game. One of the best ways to master the game is by being a part of fun hockey shooting drills. With this being said, here is quick walk through of some fun hockey shooting drills.

Fun Shooting Drill #1 – Scrimmage

Scrimmage involves a lot of team effort. It is fun and interesting with many players. The number of players during scrimmage should be odd. It helps in improving skills like speed, effective teamwork and passing.

Fun Shooting Drill #2 – Shootout

There are several ways of making a shootout. Firstly, the standard player can go against the goalie. Shootouts are a great way of mastering breakway skills. Indeed, this is a drill that can help you challenge aggressive opponents. This drill will make you more confident and help you square up with any shooter.

Secondly, you can rely on scoring and passing skills. In this technique, players should be broken into two groups. On whistle, each player on top of the line should shoot towards the net. After that, the player has to skate behind. This has to be repeated till all the players are done.

Fun Shooting Drill #3 – Two On One

“Two on One” is a very famous drill strategy. This strategy is designed for both defense and forward shots. The main purpose of “Two on One” is to improve your offensive and defensive skills. There are several variations of this drill. This drill can be customized to suit the skill level of players.

Fun Shooting Drill #4 – One Puck Horseshoe

“One Puck Horseshoe” is a fun hockey shooting drill for offensive zone shots. Here the teams have to be broken into two different lines. The coach sets up one puck in the midline. As the coach whistles, the first player should skate from the corner, near the dotted zone and compete for the puck. This becomes a one-on-one move. The player should game till a goal is made or the goalie takes control.

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