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Hockey Tips and Tricks For Defensemen

Learning to defend and beating the other team’s defensemen on the hockey rink is an important and a useful skill. Apart from the one-to-one trick, there are several ways of outnumbering defensemen. These proven techniques will help you master the game and score a goal easily. With a bit of skill and practice, you will be able to become a great defenseman.

Here are four amazing hockey trips and tricks for beating defensemen.

#1 – Speed

First of all, you should learn to manage “speed” on the field. This is one of the most effective ways of beating defensemen. In hockey, defensemen are trained to maintain a steady gap. The distance he maintains between the attacker and himself is pre-planned. In fact, the distance is kept constant throughout the game. This makes it very easy for defenders to make a move. To score a good goal, the defenseman has to fine-tune their speed and maintain that perfect distance. Defensemen are great adapters. They possess great speed management tactics. Speed can be managed by simply weaving and crossing over the defender.

#2 – Make Him Crossover

“Make Him Crossover” is a way of attacking defensemen. As mentioned previously, the defenseman is trained to match the speed of attacker, keep a pre-destined gap and play with the body (not the puck). If the defenseman starts to crossover, he is already in your loop. If you are a defenseman and you want to rule the game – you should be very creative. You should try new moves and challenge those defenders. Do anything that is possible and make your defender do that move – “crossover”.  

#3 – Shutter Stop

Another technique used to handle a defenseman is “shutter stop”. This is a straightforward move that works when you go wide. You shouldn’t try the shutter stop inside the lane. For the shutter stop technique, you should be in the outside lane. This is an easy step because defenders are trained to stay away from the middle and are forced to play outside. Once you are close to the defender, you should increase your pace and speed. As you go beyond the defender, you should shutter stop. This is a fake stop that can confuse your attacker.

#4 – Chip and Skate

Finally, you should “chip and skate” the defender. This is a tough hockey tip. In fact, this is the toughest trick to perform consistently. This technique serves as a chip that can be recovered before the net – giving you more time to play and make a shot.

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