Bladerunner Vela Women Ice Skate Recreational Ice Skate

The Vela ladies skate balances versatility and comfort in a stylish lightweight design
Perfect for recreational skaters in need of more support than a figure skate offers
Very supportive warm and comfortable uppers make skating easy and fun

Vela glides alongside the ice with sublime and at ease ease. Designed for skaters that prefer extra convenience, heat and strengthen than determine skates be offering. Making improvements to on custom with a sporty feel and look.
The Vela girls skate balances versatility and luxury in a classy light-weight design
Absolute best for leisure skaters wanting extra strengthen than a determine skate provides
Very supportive heat and at ease uppers make skating simple and amusing
Velcro best strap helps to keep the whole lot in combination
Blades MUST be sharpened prior to use – carbon metal blade with toe select


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