Gam G5047 Men’s Concept Figure Skates 8C

Leather upper polyurethane coated for easy care
Softer topline for increased comfort
Microfiber lining with memory foam ankle padding


Toughen Ranking: Average Toughen – Stage 49
Access Stage-unmarried jumps

Our Thought fashion is our first skate fashion within the GAM line to add the original GAM Wrap Gadget. This intermediate Stage skate provides a softer topline and versatile Toughen required by way of the up and coming skater.

Ultima Mirage Blade, connected with screws
GAM Wrap Gadget
Simple care PVC outsole
Leather-based higher polyurethane lined for simple care
Softer topline for larger convenience
Microfiber lining with reminiscence foam ankle padding
Flex notch for flexibility and distinctive GAM wrap lacing to forestall lacebite
Extensive toe field and ultimate.. Mirage blade is highest for unmarried revolution jumps!


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