MX7160 Silver Matrix Nova Cross Cut Ice Skate Blade

Tapered design provides deeper, precise edges and longer sharpening life
Stainless steel runner holds edges longer
Advanced competition profile

Diminished weight approach Diminished fatigue and with Stainless-steel runners, our blades have tougher edges to carry edges longer. All select styles are similar to the ones on our Ultima blade fashions, permitting seamless transition AUS8 Stainless-steel runner is repairs unfastened and holds edges longer for an extended lasting blade Runner is inset into chassis and completely secured the usage of 3 axels Parallel chassis permits for correct polishing
Tapered layout supplies deeper, exact edges and longer polishing existence
Stainless-steel runner holds edges longer
Complex pageant profile
7′ Rocker
7/sixteen” Radius of Hole


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