Riedell 255 Motion Womens Figure Ice Skates

7% lighter than previous model
Double reinforced TriFusion ankle support
Leather sole and upper

The Riedell 255 Motion is a newly redesigned skate from the academic series. The firm improve within the boot lends stability even as the lacing pattern and flex notch eyelet within the boot enhances flexibility even as preserving the sturdiness of the skate. The leather sole and higher come up with a robust foundation. Double bolstered TriFusion improve across the ankle house offers comfy improve. Further comfort is located with the hand rolled collar and quilted tongue sewing, which is helping to contour the tongue to suit your leg. The Dri-Lex lining assists in keeping your feet dry and comfy, even if you end up spending all day at the ice. The Astra blade assists in keeping you moving in the appropriate direction. The 255 Motion brings in combination the most productive Options to be had into the very best skate. Options: Eclipse Astra blade included, Color: White Talent Vary: Intermediate – Complex, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 350995
7% lighter than previous model
Double bolstered TriFusion ankle improve
Leather sole and higher
Dri-lex lining
Forefoot flex house


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