Riedell 3030 Aria Mens Figure Ice Skates

Micro-Internal Midsole
TriFusion Triple Reinforcement
Genuine Kangaroo Leather Boot

The brand new Riedell Aria Ice Skate is light-weight, complex, graceful and powerful. This skate includes a micro-Inside midsole with a purpose to stay you nearer to the ice and can scale back the load of the skate. The Authentic Kangaroo Leather-based boot at the Aria will stay your toes tremendous at ease and the TriFusion triple reinforcement offers you the firmest Enhance in the market. Options: Colour: Black, Boot best Fashion Yr: 2014, Product ID: 350288
Micro-Inside Midsole
TriFusion Triple Reinforcement
Authentic Kangaroo Leather-based Boot
Cork Midsoles and Heels
Further Company Boot Enhance


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